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• Health & Breed Info Sites
• Rescue Groups
• Publications
• Breeders
• Health & DNA testing
• Pedigree Search
• Microchipping
• Fabulous Frenchie Accessories
• Pet Suppliers
• Pet Insurance
• Traveling with a Frenchie

Ebullient! Links - Clubs

National AKC Parent Club

The French Bull Dog of America

French Bull Dog Club of America

Regional Clubs

French Bulldog Club of Dallas/Fort Worth

Heart of Texas French Bulldog Club

Northern California French Bulldog Club

French Bulldog Fanciers of Mid-Florida

Southeast French Bulldog Club

Pacific NW French Bulldog Club

French Bulldog Fanciers of Southern California

Great Lakes French Bulldog Club, Inc.

Central Arizona French Bulldog Club

Heartland French Bulldog Club

Mason Dixon French Bulldog Club

Social Clubs

French Bulldog Meetup Groups

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Ebullient! Links - Health & Breed Info Sites

About the breed

AKC French Bulldog Breed Standard

No Fad Colors Logo

Click the button to learn why.

Common Questions

Common French Bulldog Breed Questions

Bulldog Information

The Bulldog Information Library

French Bulldog Learning Annex

Health Info

(excellent site for health issues.)

French Bulldog Kingdom

Absolut Bullmarket's List of Health Concerns

A Letter to My Vet

Are you really sure you want a Frenchie?

The Wrong Puppy

Take the Frenchie Quiz

Avoiding Import Brokers

Identifying a Puppy Broker

Web Rings about Frenchies

(Sources of even MORE links, breeders, and info.)

French Bulldogs Around the USA and Abroad Webring

Frog Dog Central

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Ebullient! Links - Rescue Groups

French Bulldog Rescue Network

The French Bulldog Village

Short Mugs Rescue Squad - Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

Cascade Bulldog Rescue

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Ebullient! Links - Publications

French Bulldogs: The Basic Course

French Bulldogs: The Basic Course

Only $5 and the price includes shipping!

Click the button above to find out if a French Bulldog is right for you.

French Bulldogs, Complete Pet Owner's Manual

by D. Caroline Coile Ph.D.

French Bulldog: The Essential Guide for the French Bulldog Lover

by Lisa Ricciotti

The French Bulldog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

by Kathy Dannel

Healthy Frenchies: an Owner's Manual

by Jan Grebe

The French Bulldog

by Steve Eltinge

(The Holy Grail of Frenchie Books!)

The French Bulldog

by Muriel P. Lee

(Great book for your library!)

Purchase these books and discover more in the box below.

(Also try eBay.com or AbeBooks.com for used copies of books.)


The French Bullytin


Online Magazines

French Bulldog Kingdom

Frenchies Online

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Ebullient! Links - Breeders

FBDCA National Breeder Directory

FBDCA Breeder Directory

AKC Breeder Classifieds

AKC Breeder Classifieds

(These are places to start your search for a reputable Frenchie breeder.)

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Ebullient! Links - Health Testing

OFA -- Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

CERF -- Canine Eye Registration Foundation

VetGen -- Veterinarian Genetic Services

CHIC -- Canine Health Information Center

(Organizations dedicated to animal health evaluation.

Search these databases to find health-tested parents.)

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Ebullient! Links - Pedigree Search

French Bulldog Pedigree Search

An Informational Tool Intended for Reputable Breeders and Fanciers


AKC Pedigree Search

Find your dog's registration number for free, or buy pedigrees online.

AKC Pedigrees Online

AKC Free Online Services

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Ebullient! Links - Microchipping

This is a permanent way to ID your pet and speed their way back to you.

Also establishes ownership of the pet.

AVID Microchip


Home Again Microchip


Microchip Number Lookup Sites

AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup

Check the Chip

AVID PetTrac Database

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Ebullient! Links - Fabulous Frenchie Accessories


Collars and harnesses with a conscious




French Bulldog Rescue Network Boutique


FBDCA Boutique



Handmade, handcrafted items.


Lupine Collars, Harness, & Leads

Lifetime replacement if you dog chews them up.


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Ebullient! Links - Pet Suppliers Online

Stores and companies we like.

Jeffers Pet

JB Wholesale Pet Supplies

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply

Drs. Foster and Smith.com

Cherrybrook Show Dog Supplies

Revival Animal Health

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Ebullient! Links - Pet Insurance

Some of the top agencies

No particular order or guarantee of their services.

VPI Pet Insurance

Petshealth Care Plan

24PetWatch Insurance Program

Trupanion Pet Insurance

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Ebullient! Links - Traveling with a Frenchie

General Travel Information



Dealing with Heatstroke

Crate Fan (battery operated)

Airline Travel

Delta Airlines

Midwest Airlines

American Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines - now allows pets!

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