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Ebullient! French Bulldogs

This sums up the Frenchie breed and the way we feel about them, especially our crew.

Come meet some of them!

Fleurdelys Chocolate Confetti

Ebullient! Vivacious D'McKee

Ebullient! Cometary Halo

Ebullient! Dauntless Spirit and Ebullient! Sumatra Mandheling Dark

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Ebullient! About Us

We are an occasional hobby breeder and breed with an eye towards quality and improvement of our small line. Health and temperament come first, then show standards.

Our involvement with Frenchies started in 1999 with our girl Lucy. She captured our hearts and catapulted us into the world of Frenchies. She was the mom and grandma of all the Frenchies we own and have bred.

We are members in good standing with the French Bull Dog Club of America.

Ebullient! Contact Info

Mark and Christine Grether

Austin, Texas

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We donít like people sending spam or calling during dinner either.

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